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Water Please!

by Anushka06

Published on May 15, 2017

This invention will quench your thirst for water. Powered by CloudBit and Alexa, this invention will fill a glass of water. 

Duration: 60 minutes

How To Make It


Make Circuit Put together the power cord, CloudBit, and DC Motor.
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LEGO Structure Make a Lego structure that is strong. The gears have to be in the right place, though. The mechanical arm has to be sturdy.
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Make Program Use IFTTT to make 2 programs. Alexa should be included. There are pictures of the programs you have to make for this invention, below.
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Put Everything Together Connect the DC Motor's connecter to the axel, and the power cord in the plug. Make sure your IFTTT program is on, and Alexa is working.
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Test Out Use the machine. In the video, there is a demonstration. This test will make sure every thing is structurally sound, and nothing will break. If your faucet lever is bigger, you might have to add more LEGO pieces on the mechanical arm to support the structure.
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