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Water Rocket Parachute Deploy System #shapebits

by Leo Rolph

Published on April 7, 2015

My idea is to make a gravity powered parachute for a water rocket.
Water rockets are quite difficult to design a parachute ejection system for as they have no ejection blast like solid fuel rockets.

Basically, as the rocket tips over at the point of apology the battery slides forward making contact with the power and thus turning the servo and opening the parachute door (an elastic band will pull the door open). Also as whan the parachute has opened the rocket flips back the right way up and the the power to the servo is cut, saving battery. Seemingly simple, but proven to be difficult without Littlebits.

The whole parachute rocket section and nosepiece will be 3d printed, maybe as a single piece and will connect straight upto the top bottle.

Im hoping others can give me imput into other Littlebits I could use to measure speed, altitude, take photos/videos, perhaps launch a stage 2 rocket or other things I haven't mentioned or thought of.

The video is of a previous rocket I made using a similar gravity release, though it was many hours of building and testing and soon ended up in a tree, irretrievable unfortunately. I'm hoping a 3d printed/Littlebits setup will avoid many hours of fiddly work and make an easy to duplicate (plug and play) system.

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