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What are you thankful for?

by the three J's and S

Published on February 24, 2016

A day at the amusement park - this project was inspired by all the fantastic things one experiences at an amusement park.    Move the slide dimmer forwards and backwards to open and close the gate.  Push the button on top of the ticket booth and the carousel spins in a circle until you let go.   Flick "strobe" lighting on and off using the switch and use the computer to control the music to complete the atmosphere.  There is even a food stand for the lego minifigures to buy their food from! This is our first time using the cloudbit.

Duration: 1 day

How To Make It


Building the park Use whatever lego you have available to build the carousel. Don't make the base of the carousel to big or it will be harder to connect to the servo. The top of the carousel can be made out of paper to keep the project light enough to be easily turned. THANKS - originally we were inspired to do this project because of receiving the gift of being treated to a trip to an amusement park and we wanted to say thanks so we built a THANKS monument as part of the park's design. This theme could be adapted to anything you are thankful for - Bonus points for being thankful for an "everyday" reason :)
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Picture 3

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Picture 5

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Picture 6


Building the circuits For the Carousel and Moving Door power+branch+(on right side)long LED or (on left side) slide dimmer+servo Parallel to power add wire+button+wire+DC motor Strobe light power+long LED+roller switch+light wire Music, Thanks and Fairy USBpower+cloud bit+button+MP3 player+speaker+pulse+split (right side)servo (left side)threshold+bright LED
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Thanks and Fairy circuit

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Music is controlled by pushing the button on the computer

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Flying Fairy connected to circuit