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Winter games

by BONEVET Gjakova

Published on March 29, 2018

The "Winter Games" is a littleBits project made by two youngsters, who inspired from the Winter Olympic games had an idea to combine different bits to make this interactive project. 
We hope you like this project, from our makers Lea and Ledi. 


Duration: 3 - 4 hours

How To Make It


The base We used 2 plywoods (30x60cm) and glued them together as a base for our project. Then we used 2 other plywoods (same dimension), one for the ski lift part and the other for the skiing part. We also used 2 wooden sticks to attach the ski lift mechanism. To make the ski slope (ramp) we used Laser Cutter, so the ski figurines (made from paper) could ski.
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The mechanisms For the ski lift mechanism, we used two wooden sticks where we attached a thick thread and two wheels. We used a DC Motor to make our mechanism move, and create a more realistic ski lift. The DC motor was attached to a slide dimmer so we could control the speed. - For the ski slope we attached three paper skiers (figurines) in the three cuts we made using Laser Cutter. The paper skiers were attached to 3 DC Motors, and threads, to make them ski down the slope (ramp).
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The design To make our project a little bit more fun, we used other figures, made from paper and 3D print. (we 3D printed the snowman and a tree)
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The Circuit For the ski lift: Battery - Power - Wire - Slide Dimmer - Dc Motor For the ski slope: Battery - Power - Fork - 3 Wires - 3 DC Motors
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