Wireless Adjustable Light Fixture

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

This adjustable, remote-controlled lamp is designed for the workspace. Move around freely and use the dimmers on the remote control to have the light follow you. There are three wireless channels that allow you to control its position (servos) and brightness (bright LEDs).

How To Make It


Build the circuits first: - Transmitter circuit: power+fork+dimmer x3 +wireless transmitter - Receiver circuit: power+led+wire+wireless receiver. On channel 1: wire+servo (turn mode). On channel 2: wire+servo (turn mode). On channel 3: wire x2+ bright led x8 Test out your circuits. Each dimmer on the transmitting circuit will control an action on the receiving circuit. This way, you can control the two servos and the brightness of the LEDs wirelessly!


Make the body of the light out of acrylic or whatever material you prefer. Laser cut the lighting shape file. Arrange the receiver circuit on the mounting board piece and sandwich it between the other two square-shaped pieces. Note: you may want to use the heat gun to bend the tabs on these two square-shaped pieces depending on where you plan to mount it. Secure the 3 pieces together with four M2 screws. See the cut file template: wireless lighting shape


Laser cut the servo locker out of acrylic. Use the servo locker and two wood screws to lock the two servos together. Here, you are basically mounting one servo on top of another. This will give your lamp a wide range of movement. See the cut file template: servo locker


Make the head of the light out of acrylic. Use the laser cut piece for the lighting shape from the second step. Use a heat gun to heat the ends of the piece and bend it into its final shape (see image gallery). You can use clamps and wood blocks to help make the bending work straight and symmetrical. Use acrylic glue to fix the circular acrylic pieces to the lighting head. Make sure the small holes on these pieces are lined up perfectly. Then, use glue dots to stick the bright LEDs to the head of the lamp.


Connect the lamp head to the servo and secure it with metal wire.


Everything is ready. Mount your wireless light on the wall or wherever you like. Sit at your desk (or move around your space) and control where the light points and how bright it is… all with dimmers on your wireless remote control.

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