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Wireless alarm clock

by BitBuilder

Published on June 23, 2016

Dawn is a different time every morning, like dusk. This alarm clock is easy to make, and can wake you up easily every morning. All you need is one Gadgets and Gizmos Kit to make it! Connect your power bit to your w21 wireless receiver. Now connect that to your buzzer and mount it. Put this on your night stand or above your bed. Now connect your power bit to your w22 transmitter, and attach a w1 wire to your light sensor and o9 bar graph. Mounting this is a bit tricky, though, so be careful. On the front, attach your power bit and transmitter with the wire in. On the back, attach your light sensor and bar graph with the wire out. Pro Tip: Heighten or lower your sensitivity on your light sensor to wake up earlier or later. It can even tell if there's a storm coming during the day! Don't forget to attach the batteries!

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