Wish Touch

by devincifablab

Published on February 26, 2016

Wish Touch project is a prototype of a new game connected. The principle: the game of « Wish » revisited thanks to littles bits, Arduino card ans fruits. 

Every player has a choice between 2 actions: either press once the apple and cross "Wish" to his left neighbor, or press twice to invert the direction of the game. If one of player makes a mistake by pressing his fruit when it is not his turn or forgets to press his fruit, the game emits a "beep" to indicate that it lost the game.

How it works : fruits serve as buzzers and are connected with components and to the Arduino, coded to respect rules of the game.

Enthusiastic and determined, us, 6 students of the Institute of the Internet and the Multimédia are ready to revolutionize student nights with our singular invention!

Duration: 3 hours

How To Make It


step 1 Take the battery
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step 2 Plug the Makey Makey to the battery
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step 3 Add the Arduino to the Makey Makey and link the buzzer to the Arduino
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step 4 Link the plug left arrow, right arrow and space to clementines or other fruits.Link the plug earth to a sharp of aluminium or fourch
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step 5 Build a paper craft cube
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step 6 Put electronics into the cube and close it!
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