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Woodrow the Robot

by joeywilson

Published on March 1, 2016

This is my submission to the #AnimatronicsChallenge.

A little robot made of wood brought to life by littlebits.

I've been experimenting with building some projects in a vertical, modular way and Woodrow the robot is my latest effort. I found these little aluminum spacers at the hardware store and I found that they make building in stacks much easier and very sturdy. This allows one to break out of the liner design pattern and build some more interesting shapes.

In this example, the bottom two layers are essentially independent which allows the top layer to be removed and replaced with another type of vehicle entirely (stay tuned). This is nice because it allows one to repurpose these design ideas without having to rebuild an entire contraption to get it done.

Although I'm not showing it here, this little robot can also be controlled via sound control in much the same was as my previous little robot, triad. Check out the triad project for more info on what sound control enables with this type of thing.

I also worked out cool way to make the sliders self centering using 4 small rubber bands. There are tiny little screw holes on each end of the slider and I was able to find a set of tiny little screws to fit them so I could use them as posts for the rubber bands. One caution is make sure you don't screw in the screws to far or you will short the slider. No harm will be done but your motors won't work right.

I hope you guys enjoy this project. I really loved this challenge and I hope we have more like this in the future.



Duration: 4 days or so...

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