Community Hall of Fame Pick: Pune RudeFood by Makerspark

Eat if you're hungry. Make if you're curious.

April 6, 2015

Milind Sonavane, leader of the Pune, India littleBits chapter Makerspark, invited some friends over during the littleBits Global Makeathon weekend to play with their food and the pro library.  Students from Pune design schools also joined them for their Pune RudeFood event.



For a warmup, participants played music with synth bits and made instruments with servos and teacups.



Inspired by the products of Ludus Ludi and the natural installations of Andy Goldsworthy, they wanted to explore new ways to visualize 3D designs:

“Basically, we have been brooding about pre-visualisation in three dimensions for a long time, and have been wondering if CAD and 3D printing is the only taken-for-granted solution. We wanted to see if this can be done for easier, cheaper, and with creation in mind, not mass production.”

Watch this video to see their creative process unfold…


Makerspark RudeFoodMakeathon from makerspark on Vimeo.


The results of their creative inquiry are gorgeous 3D moving sculptures, made from carrots and potatoes and rotated by dimmers and DC motors.



Now we’re all feeling super inspired – and hungry!