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littleBits offers a free STEAM and coding curriculum that aligns with national standards.

06. Hack Your Classroom


01. 06. Hack Your Classroom

You spend a lot of time in your school and classroom. How can you make it even more fun to be there? Pinpoint something that could be easier, especially exciting, or that you wish existed. Use your expertise to design an invention that makes school extra awesome. Perhaps your new invention will become an essential part of the classroom in the future! *This activity is best done in a school setting.

07. Invent for Good


02. 07. Invent for Good

Use the littleBits Invention Cycle to create a product that makes a difference in someone else’s life. You will use defined constraints and criteria for success to test and then iterate upon your invention to improve its functionality. To conclude, create advertisements to communicate and market your unique product to potential customers.

Invent a Chain Reaction Contraption


03. Invent a Chain Reaction Contraption

Students will brainstorm ideas and then use the littleBits Invention Cycle to perform a simple task with a chain reaction contraption inspired by Rube Goldberg. Students will use defined constraints and criteria for success to test and then iterate upon their 2+ step contraption to improve its functionality. Conclude the activity by having students create videos of their chain reaction contraption in action.

02. Loops


04. 02. Loops

Short activities and fun videos provide an overview of the core coding concepts that you will encounter in the littleBits Code Kit app. This lesson teaches you how to use loops to create animations.

03. Logic


05. 03. Logic

This logic lesson teaches you how to use conditional statements to program rules and choices into your games.

04. Variables


06. 04. Variables

How do variables help you save time when coding games? In this lesson you will complete the variable code tutorials in the littleBits Code Kit app. You will learn how to create and use a time, image, and coordinate variable to add classic features to their games like countdowns, sprites, and extra players

littleBits reinforces national standards in a meaningful way, by making concepts relevant to each student

Students are given the freedom and space to foster their own unique interests, building independent thinking and creative problem solving skills for challenges in front of them.

Life Science
Life Science

Create an invention that mimics the effect of microgravity on seed growth.

Earth & Space Science
Earth & Space Science

Build two circuits that mimic how astronauts communicate in space.

Physical Science
Physical Science

Investigate how changing the size of the wheels on a self-driving car impacts its speed.

Engineering Design
Engineering Design

Invent a device that helps someone else.

Algorithms & Programming
Algorithms & Programming

Predict what a circuit will do before a new code is run for the first time.

Computing Systems
Computing Systems

Anticipate what problems may occur with an invention's hardware or software.


Create a storyboard that describes what life was like before and after your invention.

Invent an artbot that draws a 5-inch diameter circle.
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