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Magic of Invention Workshop Guide


01. Magic of Invention Workshop Guide

Are you ready for a most magical adventure? In this workshop, participants will craft an invention inspired by the magic of Harry Potter.

How to Run a littleBits Design Challenge Workshop


02. How to Run a littleBits Design Challenge Workshop

This lesson is an outline of our process for running littleBits workshops.

Hack Your Halloween Workshop Guide


03. Hack Your Halloween Workshop Guide

Use your bits to invent a costume or prank, then create a a scary movie featuring your masterpiece. The petrifying project possibilities are endless! You can….

Tinker with Storytelling


04. Tinker with Storytelling

littleBits modules aren’t just a resource for the STEM classroom; they can enhance lessons across the subject areas. In this lesson, students combine littleBits open hardware with arts and crafts materials to tell a story that brings some essential trait of each character to life. This is also a wonderful STEAM enhancement to a language arts lesson based on archetypes from myth, fable, folk and fairy tales, history, or popular culture.

Hack My House


05. Hack My House

Students learn about geometry concepts through building 3-d paper structures. During this lesson, students use pre-designed templates, craft materials, and littleBits modules to create 3-dimensional buildings. The exterior of a building, or any solid, is made up of 2-dimensional shapes such as rectangles and triangles. Together, these 2-dimensional shapes, called "faces", make up a "net" when flattened that can be folded to form a 3-d object, or prism.

Let's Make a Techno Jungle Together


06. Let's Make a Techno Jungle Together

In a creative writing lesson, students create characters with special powers, using littleBits modules and write stories in which one or more of the creatures play a role.

Quake Machine


07. Quake Machine

Earthquakes happen all the time all over the world. However, only some are strong enough to feel, and still fewer are strong enough to cause damage. In this lesson, students will use littleBits modules to simulate earthquakes and test how different power levels on their quake machines affect classroom objects.

Online Summer Camp: Music #NationOfMakers


08. Online Summer Camp: Music #NationOfMakers

In this workshop, participants will take one musically themed challenge from the littleBits Online Summer Camp. They will use the Invention Cycle to create beats with Bits, invent instruments, design dancing robots, start a band, and maybe even participate in a moving dance party or performance. O yea. After perfecting their masterpiece, they will upload their creation to the Invent page using the hashtag #NationOfMakers

Birthday Challenge Workshop Guide


09. Birthday Challenge Workshop Guide

During this workshop, participants will work in teams to invent a celebration creation for littleBits’ 5th Birthday Party.

Re-Invent the Play Date


10. Re-Invent the Play Date

Some of our favorite board games take place in the context of a story, either fantastic or based on real-life scenarios. Other board games lack any kind of narrative structure. In this lesson, students design board games of the first type, and add interactivity using littleBits modules.

Powering Cities


11. Powering Cities

Powering every city and town is a unique and complex electricity grid, complete with power sources, substations, transmission wires, and electrical outputs. In this lesson, students build and power their own city to understand electricity and the electronics that many of us use every day. Based on a littleBits’ workshop on recreating the power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy, this lesson asks students to imagine how large storms or other natural disasters can affect the power grid in the city they build.

Money Scales


12. Money Scales

Are objects worth as much as they weigh? In this activity, your students will build a simple circuit with littleBits modules to investigate this question. The lesson helps students practice money and measurement skills as well as apply problem-solving skills in an interesting, unordinary way.

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littleBits reinforces national standards in a meaningful way, by making concepts relevant to each student

Students are given the freedom and space to foster their own unique interests, building independent thinking and creative problem solving skills for challenges in front of them.

Life Science
Life Science

Create an invention that mimics the effect of microgravity on seed growth.

Earth & Space Science
Earth & Space Science

Build two circuits that mimic how astronauts communicate in space.

Physical Science
Physical Science

Investigate how changing the size of the wheels on a self-driving car impacts its speed.

Engineering Design
Engineering Design

Invent a device that helps someone else.

Algorithms & Programming
Algorithms & Programming

Predict what a circuit will do before a new code is run for the first time.

Computing Systems
Computing Systems

Anticipate what problems may occur with an invention's hardware or software.

Data & Analysis
Data & Analysis

Add a color block to a new code to customize the output.


Create a storyboard that describes what life was like before and after your invention.

Invent an artbot that draws a 5-inch diameter circle.
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