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Introducing littleBits


01. Introducing littleBits

Students explore littleBits basics to build up their familiarity with the Bits and then engage in short rounds of mini-­challenges to gain confidence and spark their imagination while playing with littleBits.

Introducing the Invention Cycle


02. Introducing the Invention Cycle

This lesson will introduce students to the littleBits Invention Cycle, a process that can help guide students through the invention and engineering design process. Students will start the lesson with a 15-minute design challenge using littleBits. The class will then reflect on their process and learn how their experience connects to the littleBits Invention Cycle.

Education: Lessons in Logic


03. Education: Lessons in Logic

Adding smarts to your circuits

04. Invent a Throwing Arm


04. 04. Invent a Throwing Arm

Use the littleBits Invention Cycle, and an understanding of the basics of circuitry, motion and simple machines, to construct, remix and gamify a launcher that flings projectiles towards a target.

00. Code Kit Introductory Lesson: Hello World


05. 00. Code Kit Introductory Lesson: Hello World

The Hello World lesson is the recommended starting point before trying the Code Kit tutorials and/or inventions.

Droid Designer


06. Droid Designer

Students will take the role of Droid Attachment Designers and create an attachment for a character in the Star Wars universe.

littleBits reinforces national standards in a meaningful way, by making concepts relevant to each student

Students are given the freedom and space to foster their own unique interests, building independent thinking and creative problem solving skills for challenges in front of them.

Life Science
Life Science

Create an invention that mimics the effect of microgravity on seed growth.

Earth & Space Science
Earth & Space Science

Build two circuits that mimic how astronauts communicate in space.

Physical Science
Physical Science

Investigate how changing the size of the wheels on a self-driving car impacts its speed.

Engineering Design
Engineering Design

Invent a device that helps someone else.

Algorithms & Programming
Algorithms & Programming

Predict what a circuit will do before a new code is run for the first time.

Computing Systems
Computing Systems

Anticipate what problems may occur with an invention's hardware or software.

Data & Analysis
Data & Analysis

Add a color block to a new code to customize the output.


Create a storyboard that describes what life was like before and after your invention.

Invent an artbot that draws a 5-inch diameter circle.
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