ShapeBits Winner

Announcing "The Smarter than Your Home" Contest Winner

June 11, 2015

Thanks to our #ShapeBits contest finalists, parachutes are being deployed from water rockets, public bathroom time is musically pleasant, feelings are being directly communicated between besties, and we’re all brushing our teeth for the recommended 2 minutes.  Isn’t technology awesome!?




Now the decisive moment is here.  The judges have selected as the winner, BrushR, by Bastiaan Ekeler, Maren Fiorelli and Mason Umholtz.  Congratulations, BrushR team!

How does BrushR work?

BrushR is a toothbrushing incentive device that plays music for 2 minutes while you brush your teeth.  When you pick up the toothbrush, the timeout activates the DC motor on a perf module, which plays a mechanical music box for 2 minutes.  Once the two minutes is up, the cloudBit is triggered to log tooth brushing sessions into a Google spreadsheet that calculates money saved on dental visits.

The video below explains their initial inspiration and build process, including how they designed the 3D printed enclosure.  A demonstration of the assembled parts begins at around 5 minutes.


The BrushR team will get a One of Everything Collection, which includes 100 Modules ($1,913 value) and $500 in 3D printing credit from Shapeways.

The Finalists:

Please take a moment to visit the contest finalists; each one is unique and amazing:

One More Thing…

Finally, we’d like to thank all the Shapebits contestants, our esteemed judges, and of course our contest co-sponsor, Shapeways.