littleBits has you covered in the classroom.

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“littleBits is one of the most effective tools in helping students learn basic circuitry concepts.”

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“One thing is for sure: They always pique my students interest and spark creativity.”

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“Making electronics components into LEGO-like bricks that could be used by anybody, even the technically ungifted.”

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What is littleBits?

littlebits is the easiest and most versatile 21st Century tool for invention-based learning.

Our ever-growing library of modular snap-together Bits are gender-neutral, age agnostic, and independent of experience or ability.

Our STEAM solutions are scalable across K-12, and applicable to cross-curricular implementation.

"There is no limit to what a person can create."


How it Works

MAGNETIC: The Bits snap together with magnets, providing a simple and intuitive user experience.

MODULAR: Every Bit works with every other Bit, even across kits.

COLOR CODED: Each Bit is color-coded by its function (power, input, output and logic) in the circuit.


We go beyond STEM with STEAM by incorporating art and design into technology. This approach enables littleBits to scale cross-curricularly.

Real-World Application

littleBits extends beyond the lesson by helping students to understand the world around them. By turning their ideas into inventions, students develop a foundation of independent thinking and creative problem solving skills that are essential to success.

Lifelong Learners

Cultivating a passion for learning at a young age is essential for success in tomorrow’s job market. littleBits makes it easy for educators to be on the front-lines as they shape the next generation of problem solvers.

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