The science magazine every girl needs

Smore is a STEM superhero.

June 1, 2017

Whoa, there’s an amazing new science magazine in town and it’s perfect for girls who are interested (or curious!) about STEM. Smore is a bimonthly zine dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest in everything STEM/STEAM, so girls can keep on exploring and discovering.

What’s awesome is that this mag is targeted to girls ages 7-12 with diverse backgrounds and interests. The STEM interest drop-off for girls usually occurs at age 8, so Smore is a perfect little companion for championing your daughter or student’s interest and giving her some much-needed encouragement.

Readers will find oh-so-cool tips, tricks, and features on women in science. Oh, and there’s a pull-out poster in each issue – which is great for decorating bedrooms, makerspaces, and classrooms. We think Smore is a great addition in any home or school for that added boost of inspiration to keep girls interested in STEM/STEAM.

Want to know more about this cutting-edge publication? Check out this interview with Smore Founder Sarita Menon below:

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager