Sneak Peek: Introducing littleBits Cloud Module at TED2014

The easiest and fastest way to create internet-connected devices.

March 17, 2014

Today, from the stage of TED2014: The Next Chapter – on the 30th anniversary of the TED, we unveiled the next chapter of littleBits – the littleBits Cloud Module.

In September 2011, we started littleBits with one mission: to put the power of electronics into the hands of everyone, and make everyone an inventor. We spent the last two years focusing on the word “everyone“, and built the most accessible, most extensive modular electronic construction platform in the market. We’ve seen an incredibly diverse group of people who never considered themselves as “makers” jump in and create their own gadgets and inventions with electronics. From an educator making a lathe, to families making intelligent toys, and even artists making complex sound installations.

The current phase of littleBits focuses on “power“. We want to enable you to make complex, programmed, connected and powerful things with our electronic bricks, without needing to be an engineer, or having to invest lots of time and money to build. We have seen high technology-innovation move from the hands of large corporations to the hands of amateurs in the areas of software, game development and 3D printing. But electronics remains a very top-down industry, and is still prohibitive to non-engineers. We want to democratize electronics to bring the power of electronics to everyone.

Last year our focus on “power” extended to music, and we created the Synth Kit, in partnership with KORG, a leading global manufacturer of electronic musical instruments. This easy to use, high-quality analog modular synthesizer raised the ceiling of complex invention made possible through littleBits.

And today, after almost a year and a half in the making, we’re extremely excited to announce that the littleBits Cloud Module is coming. Today in Vancouver, I had the honor of returning to the TED stage to unveil and demonstrate the littleBits Cloud Module for the first time. This module is the easiest and fastest way to create internet-connected devices. You may have heard about the Internet of Things — the concept that our everyday devices are smarter, connected to the internet, and connected to each other. This module takes one of the biggest revolutions of our time, the internet, and turns it into a building block. The littleBits Cloud Module fits in perfectly with the rest of the littleBits library, enabling anyone to design, create and now connect, absolutely anything—no programming, soldering or wiring required. With the introduction of the littleBits Cloud Module, connecting anything you can imagine and build with littleBits to the Internet will be as easy as snapping together two magnets.

The littleBits Cloud Module is expected to be available sometime in Q3 of this year. To be kept up to date and be put on the waitlist for the littleBits Cloud Module – sign up here.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll invent once the building blocks for the Internet of Things are in your hands.


Ayah Bdeir,
Founder and CEO