5 classroom STEM projects to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Celebrate Dr. King and inspire your students.

January 11, 2017

This week, we honor the inspirational life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This might surprise you, but littleBits and history lessons happen to be a great pair! There’s so much you can do to bring some inventiveness to your unit plans or makerspace activities as you teach kids about Dr. King’s life. From short lesson plans to classroom projects and decorations, you can enrich the lives of your students with diversity, STEAM, citizenship, and acceptance.

1. Build an “I-Have-A-Dream” mobile and make it move with littleBits!

Students will learn about citizenship, action, and positive change while creating a mobile. This hands-on learning activity is a great supplement to ELA, History, Civics, and more. Make the mobile move wirelessly with our Bluetooth Low Energy Bit from our Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition.

2. Use guided writing worksheets with the Steam Student Set.

If you’re teaching Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech, mix in some (or all) of these worksheets to make your lessons relevant to all of your students in the class. The worksheets can be a component of collaborative group work that incorporates multiple hands-on learning STEAM stations.

And, don’t forget to browse our lesson page for more inspiring activities.

Try a close reading passage and mix in some tech.

Students will read and re-read passages of a text to strengthen their literacy skills and gain meaning from a text. With younger learners this is a teacher-guided assignment, but also works for more independent learners for individual tasks or pairs.

You can add a littleBits invention to this activity such as a book light and reading timer to make individual and partner work engaging.

4. Design a poster that moves on its own!

Use a silhouette of Dr. King (easy to find via Google search) and add glue, old magazine cut-outs, and you’re ready to create. You might even want to play some 1960s tunes to give your class context on pop culture, society, and culture of the time period. Add one of these templates to the Rule Your Room Kit to create an epic moving poster.

5. Make a pop art portrait and add some beats.

This pop art template can stand on its own for arts-based activities or is an additional piece for posters and presentations. This unscramble drawing freebie is another great resource, too. Take your artwork to the next level by using the Synth Kit to make music innovation. The poster itself can trigger music or it can be and added component. Your students will be engaged in presentations and sharing sessions with this added element to their work.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager