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New to the bitLab: Low Frequency Oscillator module by KORG! April 2, 2015

Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) by Korg Inc. . .   Korg wants to make your synth kit even awesomer by introducing a new LFO module so you can get your low frequency oscillation on. It allows you to create “slow sweeping” sounds with your synth kit by giving you the ability to change the speed […]

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This Week in Community: #HackYourHoliday, New Years Resolutions, bitLab Modules, #CES2015 & #MakerEd January 9, 2015

Welcome to 2015, bit’sters! Let’s take a look at how the first week of the year went in the bitosphere ICYMI.   #HackYourHoliday   Over the holidays we received a ton of awesome submissions for our #HackYourHoliday Design Challenge, from automated trains and cloud controlled trees to holiday homes and arduino-powered music boxes. This week […]

bitLab Graduates Class of December 2014! December 16, 2014

Three months ago to the day we launched the bitLab — an exciting ambitious project to help the community grow our ever-increasing littleBits library.  By allowing members to submit their own bits module ideas, we can be sure we’re capturing every single amazing idea and application by bringing them to life. Today we’re THRILLED to […]

Meet The Maker: Madison Maxey, CTO at TheCrated December 14, 2014

MEET MADISON MAXEY, MAKER at @THECRATED I am based in Brooklyn, NY My maker superpower is persistence. With enough Googling, desoldering and refactoring, just about anything will eventually work.  I find that persistence is the key to success when it comes to solving hard problems. I am inspired by gaining a deep understanding of the […]

bitLab live: Every Tuesday at 4pm October 9, 2014

Join bitLab Live, our weekly community hangout that airs every Tuesday at 4pm EST. Andrew our bitLab product wrangler and Paul our R&D Director will be hosting the show featuring special guests from the open hardware community AND giveaways to the best question asked using the #AskbitLab hashtag on twitter. Bookmark this page or follow […]

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Introducing littleBits bitLab September 16, 2014

The bitLab is the app store for hardware. It’s a marketplace for user-generated hardware, and allows anyone to create their own littleBits module and share it with the community. In a nutshell, here’s how it works: You submit a module, the community votes on it, we vet it and then manufacture it and share the revenues.