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MoMA Design Store Demo April 9, 2013

Our MoMA Design Store installations were created entirely out of littleBits’ electronic modules and basic art materials. On April 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st from 11AM to 3PM at both MoMA Design Stores, the littleBits team will be on location and ready to answer any questions you have regarding the display and product. They’ll also demonstrate how to create a Bit masterpiece of your own.

Announcing: The Make It BIG Challenge April 9, 2013

The MoMA Store window displays feature 4-foot-tall kinetic sculptures, animated solely with littleBits. This installation required no programming, no wiring, and no soldering – just sensors, switches, lights, and motors snapping together with magnets. These displays inspired us to get YOU involved in making something BIG. Are you interested in showing off your skills to your […]

A little Inspiration April 9, 2013

The MoMA Design Store windows have been transformed with BIG 4-foot kinetic sculptures, all brought to life by littleBits. These stunning displays are complex designs and though it may seem impossible to recreate them home, it’s not. Ready to create a Swimming Shark, pair of Art Handlers, Puppet Master or Big Wheel of your own? […]

Create Something Big March 26, 2013

On April 8th, littleBits will bring giant kinetic sculptures to life in the MoMA Design Store windows. These structures, solely animated by Bits, will create a unique and first of its kind design experience in the window displays at the Midtown and SoHo stores in New York.