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News of the Bitosphere! May 9, 2016 May 9, 2016

“In FabLab Trojmiasto we create a creative community that gives people access to the space and tools needed for prototyping new technologies and build (almost) everything. Stop thinking about it. Do it!” Community Hall of Fame Introducing the “semi-intelligent bridge” #ChainReaction by Donald Drake, who currently lives in Berlin, Germany.  “For this Rube Goldberg  (that […]

Meet The Makers: Travis Lin & Holihola, Grand BitOlympians August 4, 2015

Travis Lin & Team Holihola     We met Travis in person at Maker Faire San Mateo this year, although he has a littleBits community member for quite some time. He was recently accepted as a Chapter leader and hosted his first event around the BitOlympics– the competition he and his team eventually won!   Where […]

Meet The Makers: Alayna Hughes & Pierluigi Barberis, Creative Technologists July 28, 2015

Alayna Hughes & Pierluigi Barberis @Curiosibot We first met Alayna and Pierluigi when they applied to become Chapters leaders in March, 2015. Immediately after launching their Chapter at the Berklee Valencia Maker Lab, they started hosting events and the projects they uploaded caught our eyes. Where are you based? Valencia, Spain What’s the maker scene […]

Meet The Makers: The International BitOlympics Committee July 7, 2015

As we enter the first-ever BitOlympics, we sat down with the community members who formed our first International Bits Committee and asked them three questions about their experience creating the official design challenges. The games begin on July 10th, so sign up today to win! Sign Up     What was the hardest part about putting together […]

Meet The Maker: Mitchell Malpartida, Maker Dad & Dancing Robot Aficionado June 16, 2015

  Mitchell Malpartida mmalpartida       We first noticed Mitchell’s work when he posted the original Moby on the projects page. Moby was created as part of a tech demo used to show his daughter’s kindergarten class the basics of electronics. This silly-dancing robot was originally made with a handful of modules, and its dance moves weren’t […]

Meet the Maker: Renaud Bédard, Programmer & Musician June 9, 2015

We’re excited to have Renaud on our #BitOlympics judges panel! Sign up to compete here: Sign Up   Renaud Bédard @renaudbedard     We’ve been following Renaud’s work for a while. He programmed the amazing award-winning indie game FEZ and now works for the awesome Capybara Games. Last year we began seeing him post littleBits synth jams on […]

JackANDJude, the Epic Mother-Son Maker Team May 5, 2015

Jack & Jude Brisson JackAndJude     Jude and her son Jack are littleBits superstars. Their collaborative projects and videos are always jam packed with awesome and cuteness (especially when their bunny Cadburry makes a cameo). For Mother’s Day, we wanted to highlight a Mother-Son team that bonds by making inventions.     Why do you use […]

Meet the Maker: Maria Molinero, creator of Beesynth April 14, 2015

  María Molinero @merycurtis   Maria is a really cool person. We randomly found her on Instagram while checking out the #littleBits feed and we followed her because she posts really nice pictures of her Synth Kit. Little did we know that we stumbled upon a super talented designer. Maria is studying graphic and interactive design, and for her […]

Meet the Maker: Murray Fenstermaker of TechTown April 7, 2015

Murray Fenstermaker @gotechtown Murray Fenstermaker is part of our inaugural group of Global Chapter leaders. He is a passionate maker and educator, dedicated to inspiring youth in his local community. I am based in… Chattanooga, Tennessee   Tell us more about your organization/space. I work for TechTown which is an after school learning facility opening […]

Meet The Maker: Darwin Grosse of Cycling ’74 March 31, 2015

Darwin Grosse @darwingrosse     Before we released the MIDI, CV & USB I/O modules, we sent the bits out to musicians like Darwin Grosse, an artist, educator and programmer who works for Cycling ’74 (makers of Max & Jitter). We were excited to hear that Darwin had a great experience using the new modules with his […]

Meet the Maker: Christina & Steven Young, Makers of the littlePinball Machine March 4, 2015

Christina & Steven Young   Christina & Steven Young, a brother and sister duo, really used the littleBits modules to their potential at this year’s Hack Cooper event. The Youngs created a functioning pinball machine, and took home the Best littleBits Project & Best Overall Aesthetics Prizes! They also did a great job combining the tools they had […]

Meet the Maker: Monika Wuhrer of Open Source Gallery February 25, 2015

Monika Wuhrer @open_source_       Monika is the Artistic Director of Open Source Gallery & KOKO Open Source. Open Source is a Brooklyn based non-profit that serves as a nexus for contemporary art and local neighborhood cultures, with a history of supporting emerging artists who through the development of new works challenge how, when, and where […]

Meet The Makers: Ginger & Chris Butcher February 9, 2015

Ginger & Chris Butcher     To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this week we wanted to highlight a maker couple for Meet The Maker. And who better than littleBits supermakers Ginger (Educator at NASA) and Chris Butcher (National Sales Director at Think Tank Photo). The Butchers where behind a project that combined our love for pizza […]

Meet The Maker: Valentina Chinnici, #MakerEd Superhero February 4, 2015

Valentina Chinnici @sorciererouge     I am based in London My maker superpower is developing maker activities for children, because creative education is a powerful resource to build a better future for next generation of learners. I am inspired by the world that surrounds me! You can find inspiration everywhere: from nature to a child, […]

Meet The Makers: Big D & Rolo, Design Extraordinaires at littleBits January 28, 2015

MEET DIANA CANNIZZARO & ROCHELLE LO @dianamarie73 & @rochellelo830   Big D & Rolo have been behind some of our most colorful, most striking & most awesome design projects for both print & the web. You may have seen some of their work inside the Smart Home Kit (see bottom of post)… At littleBits, I… Diana: I am […]

Meet The Maker: Timothy High, Magical Dad January 21, 2015

Meet Timothy High @bigokro Timothy High’s Wizarding Wands won our #HackYourHolidays design challenge. Timothy wanted to bring the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter back home to Brazil for the holidays. So he created some spells with the magic cloudBit and crafted a wizarding wand for his daughter! It was great to see Timothy […]

Meet The Maker: Tanaka Satoshi, Cardboard Wizard January 13, 2015

Meet Tanaka Satoshi @tanaka_satoshi   Make Dojo is a makerspace based in Japan focused on the practice of bricolage, creating projects using a diverse range of everyday objects. Make Dojo provides workshops to teach kids and adults how to rapidly prototype creations. As Make Dojo’s founder, Tanaka applies this concept to his beautiful cardboard creations, which were […]

Meet the Maker: Michal Valoušek, winner of the #Bitify Your City challenge January 7, 2015

Meet Michal Valoušek @msgre Congrats Michal on winning our #Bitify Your City challenge with your Madrid Masters Tennis Court! I am based in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic My maker superpower is the ability to stop everything and start tinkering when I get a great idea. I am inspired by everybody around me. I listen and look to others […]

Meet The Maker: Madison Maxey, CTO at TheCrated December 14, 2014

MEET MADISON MAXEY, MAKER at @THECRATED I am based in Brooklyn, NY My maker superpower is persistence. With enough Googling, desoldering and refactoring, just about anything will eventually work.  I find that persistence is the key to success when it comes to solving hard problems. I am inspired by gaining a deep understanding of the […]

Meet The Maker(s): The Maker Club at the International School of Amsterdam, #Bitify Your City Runner-Up December 12, 2014

Meet The Maker Club from Ms. Williams class @fiberopticnow   We are based in the Netherlands Our maker superpower is randomly making cool stuff! We are inspired by littleBits, and the spirit of creativity that inspires us all. The most exciting project I have worked on is the littleBits #bitify the city project! I would […]

Meet The Maker: Danielle Delgado, #Bitify Your City Runner-Up December 12, 2014

Meet Danielle Delgado of 3D Printing Girls @3DPrintingDani I am based in Gilbert, Arizona My maker superpower is Dream It, Do It, Fix it with 3D Printing: littleBits and 3D Printing are the perfect combination to almost everything. I am inspired by my wonderful Dad who supports me every step of the way. The most […]

Meet The Maker: Ed Bear, Engineer at littleBits December 3, 2014

Meet Ed Bear My maker superpower is re-imagining the mundane and assumed I am inspired by Nikola Tesla and John Coltrane. At littleBits I  arrange patterns of energy vibrations on complicated geometric patterns etched on the surface of the purest crystal humans can grow.  Then I focus and express those vibrations with larger geometries of […]

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Meet the Maker: Sean Schumer , Engineer at littleBits December 1, 2014

Meet Sean Schumer My maker superpower is creating embedded electronics. I am inspired by the Wright Brothers (like any engineer that has risked a lot in pursuit of their inventions) At littleBits I made the Temperature Sensor and mp3 Player for the Smart Home Kit. The temperature sensor can give you a readout of the […]

Meet The Maker: Rory Nugent, Engineer at littleBits (a.k.a “OK Man “) November 19, 2014

Meet Rory Nugent @prizeponie My maker superpower is… skiing, climbing, running, surfing, …, being a well-rounded individual? Haha. Honestly, I think my super powers are that I like to do lots of things and I’m OK or average at most of them. I admit that would make me the most boring superhero ever but I […]

Meet the Maker: Zachary McCune, Culture Hacker November 12, 2014

Meet Zachary McCune @zmccune I am based in…Gotham City aka New York. My maker superpower is…Crafting ‘Social Machines.’ I make objects that show social media activity or require interaction from friends around the world to work. I am inspired by… Philosopher-Makers :: People like William Morris, Charles and Ray Eames, Ai Weiwei, Olafur Eliasson, the team at Breakfast NY, AND […]

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Meet The Maker: Matt Johnson from Bare Conductive November 3, 2014

Meet Matt Johnson @bareconductive I am based in…London, UK. My maker superpower is… Anything that moves! I love anything that goes fast, whether its a motorcycle, bicycle, drone or even a sled. Nothing focuses my maker energy like the prospect of hurtling myself (or my machinery) down a hill. I am inspired by…Getting my hands […]

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Meet The Makers of The GramoPaint October 30, 2014

We are Milind & Sopan @MakersparkIndia Makerspark is (for now, but there’s more space on the party floor!): Milind Sonavane: Milind is a applied arts graduate, and a true maker at heart. With an accomplished career in Graphic/VX (visual experience) and UX/Interaction design, Milind now enjoys spending his nights cooking up maker ideas, and his […]

Meet The Makers: Arthur Sacek, Philip Verbeek & Hitoshi Takagaki October 22, 2014

Meet the makers who are wow-ing us this week with their incredible creations using LEGO® and our brand new Brick Adapter. They join us all the way from The Netherlands, Japan and Brazil! Meet Arthur Sacek – @_sacek I am based in…. São Paulo, Brazil My maker superpower is persistence. Most of my inventions do not […]

Meet The Makers from Vidcode and Jewliebots! October 17, 2014

This week our meet the makers series travels outside our bit-iverse to talk with a few inspiring makers working on great projects. Meet them below! Meet Alexandra Diracles & Melissa Halfon @vidcode We are based in NYC. Our maker superpower is Vidcode! We built Vidcode, a web platform that lets you customize and edit videos […]