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Meet The Makers: Big D & Rolo, Design Extraordinaires at littleBits January 28, 2015

MEET DIANA CANNIZZARO & ROCHELLE LO @dianamarie73 & @rochellelo830   Big D & Rolo have been behind some of our most colorful, most striking & most awesome design projects for both print & the web. You may have seen some of their work inside the Smart Home Kit (see bottom of post)… At littleBits, I… Diana: I am […]

Meet The Maker: Ed Bear, Engineer at littleBits December 3, 2014

Meet Ed Bear My maker superpower is re-imagining the mundane and assumed I am inspired by Nikola Tesla and John Coltrane. At littleBits I  arrange patterns of energy vibrations on complicated geometric patterns etched on the surface of the purest crystal humans can grow.  Then I focus and express those vibrations with larger geometries of […]

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Meet the Maker: Sean Schumer , Engineer at littleBits December 1, 2014

Meet Sean Schumer My maker superpower is creating embedded electronics. I am inspired by the Wright Brothers (like any engineer that has risked a lot in pursuit of their inventions) At littleBits I made the Temperature Sensor and mp3 Player for the Smart Home Kit. The temperature sensor can give you a readout of the […]