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Community Hall of Fame Pick: The Voice Box April 13, 2015

Joey Wilson has wowed us once again with his woodworking and littleBits mastery, and this time he’s also tugged at our heartstrings with his newest project, The Voice Box.  Uploaded to coincide with the anniversary of his Dad’s death, The Voice Box was conceived for an audience of one: Joey, himself. The Inspiration He shares […]

Meet The Maker: Rory Nugent, Engineer at littleBits (a.k.a “OK Man “) November 19, 2014

Meet Rory Nugent @prizeponie My maker superpower is… skiing, climbing, running, surfing, …, being a well-rounded individual? Haha. Honestly, I think my super powers are that I like to do lots of things and I’m OK or average at most of them. I admit that would make me the most boring superhero ever but I […]