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Engadget: New littleBits modules make the Synth Kit more powerful and versatile June 13, 2014

Engadget wrote about the new Synth kit modules, which were announced today at Sónar in Barcelona. “A new MIDI block lets you hook into music making software like Ableton or Logic, while the CV block means you can connect your littleBits to older/analog gear. If you just want to play with sound, a USB I/O module will let you pipe the littleBits’ audio directly into your PC.”

Featured Products: New Synth Modules
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New Members of the littleBits Family December 2, 2013

Today, we are very excited to announce a few new additions to the littleBits family – the microphone, the dc motor + motorMate, the vibration motor + vibeSnap, and the servo! Discover new projects featuring these modules here —>