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#HackYourHoliday Design Challenge Winner! January 7, 2015

We received a ton of awesome projects this holiday season. From decorations to gifts, cloud controlled Christmas Trees to New Years Eve countdown machines. We’d like to highlight a few of our favorites and announce the winner.   WINNER OF #HACKYOURHOLIDAY: Wizarding Wand Timothy High wanted to bring the magic of the Wizarding World of […]

Meet The Maker: Ed Bear, Engineer at littleBits December 3, 2014

Meet Ed Bear My maker superpower is re-imagining the mundane and assumed I am inspired by Nikola Tesla and John Coltrane. At littleBits I  arrange patterns of energy vibrations on complicated geometric patterns etched on the surface of the purest crystal humans can grow.  Then I focus and express those vibrations with larger geometries of […]

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Meet the Maker: Sean Schumer , Engineer at littleBits December 1, 2014

Meet Sean Schumer My maker superpower is creating embedded electronics. I am inspired by the Wright Brothers (like any engineer that has risked a lot in pursuit of their inventions) At littleBits I made the Temperature Sensor and mp3 Player for the Smart Home Kit. The temperature sensor can give you a readout of the […]

Meet The Maker: Rory Nugent, Engineer at littleBits (a.k.a “OK Man “) November 19, 2014

Meet Rory Nugent @prizeponie My maker superpower is… skiing, climbing, running, surfing, …, being a well-rounded individual? Haha. Honestly, I think my super powers are that I like to do lots of things and I’m OK or average at most of them. I admit that would make me the most boring superhero ever but I […]

24 Hours of Smart Home November 18, 2014

To celebrate the release of the SmartHome kit today we have put together something very special for all you Bit’sters out there looking for ideas to bring your home into the 21st century. From the early morning into the deep night- we like to say that there’s no place like Smart Home. Without further ado, […]