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Tips/Techniques for Good Photos

1.) Setting 

You’ll want to take strong clear photos that really show off your prototype. You can do that a few ways.



Set up your prototype on a clean simple background (like a table or a sheet of paper).Make sure that your prototype doesn’t just blend into the background. Make it pop.
​Take photos of your prototype in context. How would you use this? Where would you use it? What other modules would it work well with? Putting your photo in context will help quickly engage viewers searching through the littleBits Lab.


2.) Lighting

You don’t need professional photo lights to take an awesome photo. Use the natural light all around you. Set up your prototype next to a large window and use the natural light to your advantage to help you take bright crisp photos. Avoid using an on camera flash since it will flatten your image and make it less visually pleasing.

3.) Experiment

Photograph your prototype from all different angles. Make sure to get at least 1 wide shot that captures the entire thing, but don’t forget to take close ups of interesting and important components. What makes this module special and different from the rest? Show us all the features.


4.) Editing

If you know photo editing software like photoshop, use it! Adjust your photo to make it clear and vibrant. Even if your just using an iphone to take photos try using apps like photoshop express to enhance your images. Even just a few simple adjustments to brighten and sharpen your image can make a huge difference.

This video is all about what you’ve created, and we really want to see your personality in it! These guidelines are just to help give you a starting point, but feel free to add in or leave out whatever you want.

Videos should focus on:

1.) Background – including your inspiration for adding to the littleBits system

2.) Working demo of the prototype – the exciting moment where you see the power this module will add to your littleBits collection and how it might expand to other products

3.) Call to action – Ask everyone to share and vote. This prototype can’t become a reality without community support.

Example Questions to answer in your video

1.) Name and title

2.) Tell us about you/your company/your product

3.) What is the module you made?

3.) What is the problem you’re trying to solve?

4.) Why did you want to prototype this module?

5.) How did you go about solving this problem?

6.) How would the module you made work within the littleBits system/ integrate with other systems?

7.) Did you have a specific application/project for it in mind when you developed it?

7.) What is this doing for you and/or your company?

8.) Why should we vote for your module? What makes it awesome and an important part of someone’s littleBits library?

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