Friday’s Tips & Tricks: 10 Coolest Ways to Wear the Light Wire

Simple Ways to Bitify Your Style

LED Bits make bright and bold projects. There are  7 LED Bits in the littleBits family and although we don’t play favorites, the light wire is our go-to Bit for making wearable projects. Want to make your own flashy outfits and accessories? Check out these tips:

1. Lace your shoes

Make light wire shoelaces that glow with every step! Attach a power, pulse and pressure sensor to the side of your shoe. Then, add the light wire and thread it just like regular shoelaces. When you’re finished, tie it in a bow and strut. Check out instructions for our light up Stomping Shoes here.



2. Make a Necklace

No more dancing in the dark! Light up your next dance party with this necklace made from the light wire, a pulse, and some colorful duct tape. What kind of necklace would you design?


3. Wind it around

Simply wind the light wire around any garment, and it becomes special – instantly. Add the pulse bit for a more dynamic visual effect.


4. Glowing Sunglasses

Too cool for regular sunglasses? Want to wear your sunglasses at night, but worried about not being able to see? Worry not. With just a couple of Bits you can look cool and light the way with these sweet shades!



5. Hats Off to the Light Wire

The light wire is great for writing out messages. Use the light wire to announce your excitement for the new year with this glowing New Years Party Hat! Or come up with another design to celebrate any kind of holiday or party.


6. Accentuate with light wire

Take the perspective of a fashion designer. Think of how you can turn this boring fur coat into a super cool piece. Some accent color? interesting. Some accent light? That is brilliant!



7. Weave it

Dress up that old sweater with some light wire! The light wire can be easily threaded through sweaters to create unique patterns. Try using fabric chalk or tape to lay out your pattern first.


8. Sew it

Sewing is a great skill to have, especially when you can sew glowing wire into your clothes. Trace the outline of your favorite shirt or sweatshirt with light wire and then sew the light wire into place. Make sure to tie several knots along the way so the thread doesn’t come undone!

9. Halloween costume

Last halloween, Paul turned himself into a warm-hearted robot with the help of the light wire!



10. Bring It All Together

Combine a bunch of the above projects to create one of the coolest light up outfits around! Check out these Tron dance costumes to see what inspires us to make awesome wearables with the light wire. !


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