Friday’s Tips & Tricks: 10 Ways to Make Goofy Eyeballs

Bring Your Projects to Life

1. Spinning Eyeballs

shark eye

The fan Bit is great for keeping you cool, but did you know that it can be used as a motor? By attaching items to the center of the fan you can make them spin. Check out Bit by a Shark for inspiration.


2. Glowing Styrofoam Eyes


Styrofoam balls work wonderfully as eyes! By adding a few long LED Bits, you can make styrofoam eyeballs really come to life. Simply push the long LED directly into the styrofoam. Trying adding a pulse or timeout Bit to make the eyes even more exciting. Check out Night Eyes to see this trick in action.

3. LED Eyes

i robot

Poke holes into the cardboard or construction paper you are working with, slide the long LED through the hole, and now you’ve got some awesome eyes – like iRobotsimple but effective!

 4. Colorful Eyes

mr. whiskers2

Although Long LED’s are great, they only come in one color. When you want to start mixing up the color try using an RGB LED. You can alter the red, green, and blue channels on the Bit creating a wide variety of colors. Cut out holes for eyes in your project and then place the RGB LED right behind it, we used this trick to make Mr. Whiskers.

5. Light wire Glasses


Do you wear your sunglasses at night? We certainly do! It’s easy to see in the dark when your glasses are wrapped in light wire. Check out this simple project: Light-Up Sunglasses, guaranteed to make you look 10x cooler.

6. Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are one of our all-time favorite craft materials. Adding them to projects is a wonderful way to bring them to life and make them look a bit silly. We attached some googly eyes to vibration motors and put them on our sunglasses.

7. Mechanized Sunglasses

These automatic sunglasses will make you look like a 23rd century superhero. Although this is more of an expert project, with a little ingenuity and a few iterations, anyone can build these sunglasses. There is a wire holding the lens and the other end of the wire is wound around the DC motor. When you activate the DC motor it removes the lens. Check out the Automagic Sunglasses project page to see how our friend Jonah made this great project.

8. Ping Pong Ball Eyes



To make these bouncy eyeballs, cut a small hole in a ping pong ball and put a vibration motor in it. Unplug the vibration motor from the connector and slide the motor’s wire through the holes you’ve cut for eyes. Plug it back into the connector. Tape down the vibration motor Bit to the back of the face, and add the rest of your circuit (a power Bit, and any kind of input Bit). Draw eyes onto the ping pong balls and make all sorts of funny expressions!

9. Winking Eyes



Can a robot wink? It can if it has a bar graph bit! Cut a square, a little smaller than the bargraph, on the face of the robot. Put a paper inside of the face as a diffuser. Attach a bar graph just behind the hole on the face, and connect it to a dimmer. Dim down the bar graph quickly and turn it on fully again. This will create the illusion of a winking robot.

10. Love in Your Eyes (Sunglass hack)


In this sunglass hack we used Long LED’s and placed them in the middle of the sunglasses. This way, you can still see when you wear the glasses. To make them glow red, we colored transparent tape with a red marker, and then placed it over the heart shaped holes we cut in the sunglasses.

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