Friday’s Tips & Tricks: vibeSnap

The vibeSnap is a new littleBits accessory for the Vibration Motor Module. Before the vibeSnap, we used to use the sticky surface on the metal puck of the Vibration Motor to connect to materials. Unfortunately, this sticky surface could only be used once, requiring the use of external tapes or adhesives in following applications.

The vibeSnap is basically the same type of plastic snap you have on your clothing. The male side of the snap is permanently fixed to the Vibration Motor and the female side is able to detach. This ability to attach and detach the female side of the snap as many times as you want allows you to connect a variety of materials in between the two sides of the snap.

Here, we present a number of ways to use the vibeSnap to connect to materials.

1. Very basic

Poke a hole in a sheet of paper (the purple littleBits screwdriver is very useful for making the perfect-sized hole) and place it in between the two sides of the snap. You can apply this method to any material that comes in the form of a sheet and is easy to make a hole in. Try paper, aluminum foil or fabric!

 2. Thicker materials (like cardboard or chipboard)

Cardboard and chipboard are two of our favorite materials play with. However, it is difficult to place these materials in between the two sides of the vibeSnap as they are too thick. In this case, try making an X-cut on the board and push the male pin of the snap through the X. You won’t need the female side this time to get the board vibrating.

3. For hard materials (like acrylic or metal)

We can’t make a hole easily on a piece of metal, but we can make a hole in adhesive tape. Stick a piece of adhesive tape between the two sides of the vibeSnap and stick the tape to the metal or acrylic surface.



4. Fabric

Use the snap as you would in clothing. Sew the female side of the vibeSnap to fabric using a needle and thread.

5. Awkwardly shaped objects

Attach a clip to the vibeSnap and let the clip grab the object. This way, you can attach almost any object to vibe motors.


6. Metal materials

This final application veers from today’s focus on the vibeSnap, but you may find it interesting. You can use a magnet to hold the Vibration Motor top some objects, specifically steel. Magnets are great because they stay connected to the metal puck while it vibrates and carries the vibration from the vibe motor to the object.

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