Hall of Fame Kits: Tips & Tricks

Each of the Hall of Fame Kits comes with what we call Templates. These templates are pre-cut pieces of paper that give your invention form. We’ve designed them so they are super easy use AND easy to replicate.

Use the templates we’ve provided in your Kit to build your invention, and customize it to your heart’s content. In your Kit are some purple and white stickers to get you started, but don’t stop there – the white side of the templates and stickers can be colored in with anything from crayons to markers!

If you ever feel like switching out the template for a new look, try downloading the template from the invention instructions on our website. Print it out, glue it to a thicker piece of paper, and cut along the outline. Tada! Fresh, new template.

The Arcade Game and Crawly Creature Kits both come with a servo Bit, one of our favorites. Here are some super helpful (and in-depth) Tips + Tricks for how to get the most out of your servo Bit.

Update: Your Kit may also come with a servo accessory we call a “servo bucket”. The servo bucket is super useful for attaching the servo in every which way. To attach the servo to the bucket, simply slide it in with the cable pointing in this direction.

To remove the servo from the bucket, hold onto the bucket as shown, firmly pinch the black part of the servo, and pull. Wriggling it side to side as you pull also helps!

Some inputs (pink Bits) have what are called “slide pots”, and they can adjust a Bit’s sensitivity and / or intensity.

In the case of the sound trigger Bit, the slide pot changes how sensitive it is to sounds. For example, if the slide pot is moved all the way to the left, it will be less sensitive to sounds – meaning only VERY LOUD NOISES will trigger it. If placed all the way to the right, the sound trigger might even be set off by a whisper.

In the case of the pulse Bit, the slide pot changes the speed of the pulse. If the slide pot is moved all the way to the left, the pulse will beat at a very slow pace – like heart beat of someone meditating. Moving the slide pot to the right will speed up the pulse to an almost strobe-like rate.












The Hall of Fame Kits can be combined to make one mega-invention. That’s because all Bits are “modular”, meaning they all work with one another.

At littleBits headquarters, we put together the power of all four Hall of Fame Kits, some crafts, and a little elbow grease to build a Blastoff Backpack! How would you combine them all???

Happy inventing!

– Monty, Product Designer at littleBits

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