Synth Tips & Tricks: Record your Music

Share your sounds

When you make sweet beats with the Synth Kit, you might want to record them and share with your friends. This is a basic overview of how you can record sounds from your synth kit onto your computer and/or upload to SoundCloud.

Record Directly to Soundcloud

Click here for info from the SoundCloud website or follow the instructions below.


Make a user account if you don’t already have one. Then select “upload”.

Picture 11


Select the “REC” button.

 Picture 13


On the next page, press “REC” to start recording sounds from your Synth Kit.

Picture 14


When you hit “record” in SoundCloud there are couple of ways to input audio – either through the internal microphone on your computer or through a line-in. Depending on the model of your computer, you may have either an input jack or the option to change the “headphone” jack to an input jack.


If you have an input jack, you will need an ⅛” audio cable to connect the synth speaker to your computer.


Synth speaker with 1/8″ audio cable



Mac with both input (left) and headphone jacks



1/8″ audio cable in input jack




Next, you will need to change the sound settings on your computer to accept audio input via “Line In”.


If you have a MAC, go to system preferences and select “Sound”.

Picture 6


Click on the tab that says “input” and select “Line In”.

Picture 7


If you have a PC, open the “Control Panel”.



Select “Hardware and Sound”.

image (1)


Click on “Manage audio devices”.

image (2)


This opens a window where you can select your sound input.

image (3)


If your computer only has one jack, stay tuned for more information in the near future!

photo (11)

PC with combo input/output jack – stay tuned for more info about recording



Mac with single jack – stay tuned for more info about recording


In the interim, if you only have one port, you can use the internal microphone on your computer to record sound. The sound quality is not as good as with a direct line-in, but works nonetheless.

Picture 15

Internal microphone option on Mac


When finished, you can listen to your recording. If you like what you made, click “upload your recording” and then “save”.

You can also upload songs to SoundCloud that you compose using an application like Garageband (comes with Mac) or Audacity (free download).



To get started in GarageBand, select “new project” and choose an instrument. We selected “Voice”, but you can try other options as well.

Picture 8


Create a new song.

Picture 9


Hit the “record” button at the bottom of your screen to begin recording. With GarageBand, you can make more complex soundscapes by layering different sounds over one another.

Picture 10


You can either record into GarageBand with a Line-in or the Internal microphone on your computer.



Similar to GarageBand, you can record and edit sounds from your Synth Kit with the Audacity application. You can download it free here.


Record with your Smartphone

Most smartphones have the ability to record audio (ie: the Voice Memos app on the iPhone). This is a very simple and straightforward way to record your synth sounds. The sound file you record saves with the extension .m4a, which you can use to upload to soundcloud.

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