Friday’s Tips & Tricks: Fan Bit

The fan Bit is just what you’d think: a small electric fan tethered to a littleBits module. It’s great for those hot summer nights. Use our little fan to create fluttering movement in your creations or just to keep yourself cool.


Build The Circuit

There are lots of great ways to control the fan. Simply start by placing an pink input Bit, like a motion sensor, between your blue power Bit and the green output fan Bit.
The fan Bit is small, but with some creative applications it can add wonderful movement and motion to your projects. To harness the power of the fan Bit, checkout these tips:


1. Build a wind tunnel.
Concentrate the force of the fan by creating a tunnel. A simple way to do this is by making a cube out of cardboard that guides the wind from the fan. If you’d like to see what’s going on inside of the tunnel, use a transparent plastic sheet or cup. Our favorite plastic cup/fan Bit project is this sound-activated bubble machineMember’s Mark plastic cups are an excellent resource for this.


You can also build a closed tunnel by placing two fans on each side of the cylinder, like this:


2. Propel light objects
Use the fan to move small items through your project. We love using small pieces of paper, styrofoam and feathers. However, our favorite is cassette tape! Checkout this project from ITP Camp where the fan pushes a styrofoam ball toward a paper goalie.


3. Activate Spin Mode
Flip the fan over and use the back of the Bit as a spinner. Be sure to leave the back side of the fan open so that the air can move through the Fan and push it forward. The flat, circular surface makes an excellent foundation for light materials. We recommend attaching a graphic pattern to the fan to create a moire effect. You can also create a spinner like the one on our Mother’s Day Wheel o’ Fun. Our favorite adhesive is Sugru, but we also use glue dots, hot glue and double sided tape.


‘Spin Mode’ works best when the fan is mounted. You can secure the fan through one of the four corners. To make this process easier, you can also use a screw to change the angle of the wire. We recommend using screws, pipe cleaners and wooden dowels to mount the fan. You can also mount the fan to another Bit! We created a spinning wheel for our Mother’s Day project by mounting a button Bit on top of the fan Bit.


What can you make with the fan Bit?


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