Friday’s Tips & Tricks: Light Wire Bit

Learn About This Bright Bit

The light wire Bit is almost four feet long and its entire length glows a soft blue. It’s made of special stuff called “electroluminescent wire,” which is great to form into glowing shapes.

Build The Circuit

It’s best to use in the dark. We like to use it for wearable accessories when we go to parties! There are endless ways to incorporate this vibrant Bit into your projects! Unsure of where to begin? Checkout these tips!



1. Lights out
This Bit is a creature of the night and thrives in darkness! Keep the lights turned off for the best effect.

2. Wear it
Want to add some flash to your wardrobe? Put a Bit on it! To re-create this blinking jacket sleeve, place a pulse Bit before a light wire in your circuit. We used 3 pulse Bits and 3 light wire Bits. Each pulse was set to a different speed to create the alternating blinking pattern.


You can also weave the light wire through garments and accessories to get a glowing effect. We gave our designer, Emily, some extra snazzy shoes by threading the light wire through her laces. We also attached pressure sensors to the light wire to trigger it when she’s walking. For more inspiration, checkout this amazing Tron themed video.


Slide the light wire through some straws or styrofaom balls to create a stunning necklace that glows in the dark!




3. Create Shapes
The light wire’s flexibility lets you bend it in all sorts of different ways. To get the wire to stay in position, use a hole punch to create a path for the light wire to travel through and thread the light wire between the holes to create your own unique graphic patterns. We recommend using the STEEL 2-HOLE PUNCH SMALL from MUJI. It works easily for most printable paper, construction paper, card board, chip board, etc.

To secure the wire to wood (we used balsa), try using a more substantial office stapler to position your light wire exactly right.


4. Create An Angle 

Give the wire an edge by sliding it through straws. We recommend using multi-colored bendy straws to add color to your piece.


You can also add an angle by holding the light wire in place with household items such as clothespins or tape. Our favorite is a binder clip, which is what we used to create our blinking jacket.


5. Write a message
You can easily bend the light wire to form different letters and words. Twist it and loop it around itself, or use any of the methods mentioned above to get the light wire to stay in place.
thank you littlebits NOTE

By: Berty Ko


6. Create an antennae to communicate with aliens
Our lead engineer, Geof claims that his light wire antennae is part of a Bits testing machine. However, it looks like he’s actually trying to contact the mothership. What do you think?
photo (3)

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